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Since product reviews are a great help in the purchase decision or the size selection, we would be very happy if you share your experiences with the other website visitors.

For every review you submit, you can receive up to 2.50 shopping credit for your next order.

That's how it works:

You can submit a rating for every product that you have ordered in the Sweet Rockin 50s webshop.

You can give a rating between 1 and 5 stars, write a heading and a detailed review. Please try to help other users to make a purchase decision in a factual and informative manner.

For each activated rating with less than 100 characters, we donate 1.25 , detailed ratings with more than 100 characters are remunerated with 2.50 .

If you are not satisfied with an article, please write that too, because we are grateful for any feedback and a bad rating is also helpful for us in the selection of the article or supplier. Please make sure to only evaluate the article and not the performance of the parcel service or the like.

After the evaluation has been sent, it will be checked again by one of our employees. Only when the rating has been activated will the credit be loaded onto your customer account. Please note that this can take a day or two.

The credit can then be offset against your next order. Please note that we cannot pay out the credit.

The maximum remuneration per month is 15 euros.

If a rating has not been activated, this can be due to the following reasons:

- the netiquette rules were not observed (swear words, racist expressions, etc.)

- not the article but e.g. the delivery performance was rated

- Senseless text extensions (xmxmxmxmxmxm or similar)

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